Local Food at Your Fingertips!

The Cove Hostel is only 20min ferry ride away from Cheung Chau island. Cheung Chau island is historically a fishing village. The seafood here is the main reason foodies make the trek out to the island.

But there are also traditional Cantonese restos, along with western style places, so there is something for everyone. Most offer similar menus (at lower prices than HK Island!), and even if the menu is only in Chinese, most have photos so you can point to what you like.

What To Get When You Are Snacking At Cheung Chau?

  • Frozen Watermelon: Slices as big as your head are offered, and on those hot summer days, these are definitely a treat!
  • Mango Mochi: Famous here on the island. A generous slice of fresh mango wrapped in a glutinous rice casing makes for a light and refreshing (and not overly sweet) dessert.
  • Fishballs: If you are a fan of fishballs, this is your go-to spot. Get them steamed, boiled in stock, or served with a curry  sauce. Options here include a square version, which is made from bean curd. 

Must Try Restaurants At Cheung Chau!

Slow Life Cafe

  • This little restaurant also serves up organic fruits and veggies, as well as fair trade local ingredients. The menu is Italian  fare, but if you need a cup of joe, some have boasted about the rose latte being very aromatic.
  • Slow Life Café, G/F, 83 San Hing St, Cheung Chau (note: at time of publication it was under renovation)

New Baccarat

  • This longtime Cheung Chau staple has been serving up fresh seafood for 20 years, and patrons seem to keep going back for more. The staff here is said to be friendly and helpful, and speak English and Cantonese. So, if you are looking for an authentic place to enjoy some fresh food, look no further.
  • New Baccarat, 9A Pak She Praya Rd, Cheung Chau

Delicious Seafood Restaurant Cheung Chau

  • Pick your selection from tanks and get fresh seafood, including prawns, fish and more. Service here is meant to be friendly and efficient, and food is said to be, well, delicious.
  • Delicious Seafood Restaurant Cheung Chau, Pak She Praya Rd G/F., 9C Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Guest Kitchen

  • Guest can cook and use our kitchen and utensils for free
  • Kitchen facilities include a freezer, fridge, stove, washing basin, basic cooking utensils
  • Remember to clean up the sink and area after use

Rooftop BBQ

  • You can enjoy a Barbecue night with friends and roommates at our rooftop area
  • Food ordering is available and require at least 24 hours advance booking
  • For more information, please ask any of our staff!

Snack Shop/Snack Bar

  • There is a small snack shop located in the reception area
  • Feel free to check out the food and drinks in the shop!
  • Cash payment only

Hot Pot

  • We welcome guests to have “Hot Pot” at our place.
  • Food ordering is avalible and require at least 24 hours advance booking
  • You can also prepare your own food in Cheung Chau yourself and bring them to our hostel.
  • For more information, please ask any of our staff!

Food Delivery Service

  • There are no restaurants in the area closeby
  • We can help you order takeout and have them delivered to your room
  • Please ask our staff for food menu and cost details