Local Food at Your Fingertips!

Lantau Island might not be able to compete with mega-metropolis Hong Kong when it comes to food but there are still quite a few good dining venues to fit most people’s budget there. From the cheap eats at the many Dan Pai Dongs (cheap restaurants) at Mui Wo to the more high-end restaurants on the beachside. There’s a good range to choose from, and all at friendlier prices. Visitors can enjoy countless types of cuisine, from Cantonese to other regional Chinese dishes to Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean, South African and English on Lantau Island.

Suggested Restaurants / Local Food:

The Gallery

  • This small restaurant serves some of the best meat on Lantau Island. Steaks, salads, burgers and pizzas are all made with quality, sourced ingredients. The atmosphere on the terrace is laid-back, and the staff friendly. 
  • The Gallery, 26, Tong Fuk Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

The Stoep

  • The Stoep is only a minute or two away from Cheung Sha beach. Located on one of the few clean and quieter beaches in Hong Kong, The Stoep offers a South African-style menu with signatures such as barbecued chicken and other grilled delicacies. It’s also a great places for a few cocktails before you hit the beach.
  • The Stoep, 50 Lower Cheung Sha, Lantau, Hong Kong, +852 2980 2699,

The Beach House

  • Also on Cheung Sha beach is The Beach House complete with a beautiful deck on the stand. Here they serve everything you’d like to eat by the beach including calamari, comforting burgers, fish chips made with locally-brewed beer batter, pizza and treats such as banoffee pie.
  • The Beach House, 32 Lower Cheung Sha, Lantau, Hong Kong, +852 2504 4788,


  • Bahce is a Turkish restaurant offering delicious dishes including kebabs and mezes as well as fresh yoghurt used to accompany many Turkish main dishes. They have live music every Friday night (so far they are the only venue providing such entertainment on Lantau). Drop in to see when in the area. Most prices are affordable with some on the expensive side.
  • Bahce Turkish Restaurant, Mui Wo Centre, 3, Ngnan Wan Rd, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Guest Kitchen

  • Guest can cook and use our kitchen and utensils for free
  • Kitchen facilities include a freezer, fridge, stove, washing basin, basic cooking utensils
  • Remember to clean up the sink and area after use

Garden BBQ

  • You can enjoy a Barbecue night with friends and roommates at our rooftop area
  • Food ordering is available and require at least 24 hours advance booking
  • For more information, please ask any of our staff!

Snack Shop/Snack Bar

  • There is a small snack shop located in the reception area
  • Feel free to check out the food and drinks in the shop!
  • Cash payment only

Hot Pot

  • We welcome guests to have “Hot Pot” at our place.
  • Food ordering is avalible and require at least 24 hours advance booking
  • You can also prepare your own food in Mui Wo yourself and bring them to our hostel.
  • For more information, please ask any of our staff!