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Grab your boots and go hiking at The Cove Hostel. If you’ve been to Hong Kong and haven’t gone on a hike, then you are missing out on half of the city! Sprawling city views and rooftop bars may have their own charm, but there is nothing quite like a hike to get away from the hustle and bustle. It really is the best way to take advantage of our incredible forests and wild isolated beaches.

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Distance: 18.5km
  • Difficulty: 3/4
  • Length: 4/4
  • Surface: 3/4

Chi Ma Wan country trail is a circular peninsula route, being the longest among the 7 country trails on Lantau. Starting and ending at Shap Long Campsite, it passes by Pui O Bay, Mong Tung Wan, Sea Ranch in Yi Long and Tai Long Village. On the beach at Sea Ranch, there is a lime kiln dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). This site is now a listed historic monument.

Ha Keng, a spot 2.5 km east of Lung Mei, is where you find “Rock Wonder”. Along this stretch, rocks of grotesque shapes and forms scattered on the hill. Most of them are granite formations which had been formed as a result of prolonged weathering and erosion.

Looking out from Rock Wonder is the north Cheung Chau Channel. This busy waterway is a marine thoroughfare for Hong Kong and Macau sea traffic.

Further 3km ahead, Chi Ma Wan Reservoir emerges amidst thickets of trees. It was completed in 1955 to supply water to Cheung Chau. To the southwest is Lo Yan Shan, a peak of 303m. The fire lookout there overlooks the nearby hills in the dry season.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 10.3km
  • Difficulty: 2/4
  • Length: 3/4
  • Gradient: 2/4
  • Surface: 2/4

Sunset Peak and Nam Shanau Nam Shan Peak are the two main ranges of Lantau. The South Lantau Country Trail crosses both of them. Sunset Peak is the third highest peak of Hong Kong. On a grassy glade adjacent to Yi Tung Shan, there are 20 granite chalets rustic in appearance.

Lantau Peak is Hong Kong’s second highest peak. Standing 934m, rugged and rocky, it was named the Broken Skull by villagers. When the British first visited the island, they asked the locals for the peak’s name. They were told Lantau, which is the phonetic expression of Broken Skull in Cantonese. Somehow the name stuck.

Beyond the Nam Shan Management Centre, the trail skirts along the mid slopes of Sunset Peak. Exiting through Pak Kung Au, it joins Lantau Trail that leads to Lantau Peak and Ngong Ping. Pak Kung Au is a communication stronghold that links up south and north Lantau.

The trail crosses Tung Chung Road and trends down the southeastern face of Lantau Peak along the Tong Fuk Catchwater. This section overlooks the picturesque Cheng Sha Beach and Tong Fuk Village, and the Cha Kwo Chau, Shek Ku Chau and Soko Islands offshore.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance: 5.5km
  • Difficulty: 2/4
  • Length:2/4
  • Gradient: 3/4
  • Surface: 2/4

This hiking route skirts along the western foot hills of Kau Nga Ling. Above your head, the blaze-like spurs of Kau Nga Ling rise like fangs of a wild dog.

The 539m Kau Nga Ling is made up of 5 spurs that spread out like fingers. Each of the five spurs are rugged. For the sake of personal safety, do not overstretch your ability to climb these peaks.

The beginning section of the trail is rather gentle, but it descent gradually for 500m via a flight of steps to a wide catchwater. The lush green open space here has many magnificent trees, with wood stools under them for tired hikers. This is the Shek Pik Catchment.

This catchwater extends to the Cheung Sha Catchment in the east, and to the Kau Ling Chung Catchment in the west. It also links up with the West and  North Keung Shan Catchments and the East and West Sham Wat Catchment. This extensive catchment system is one of the facilities of Shek Pik Reservoir.


* The Cove Hostel is not the organizer for the above water sport activities, therefore our hostel will not be liable for any claims or losses arising from the use of the above services